Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who is a Deewana?

You know that its true love when you are simply ‘Deewana’ for someone...

No warnings and no signs.. it just happens..and when it does, everything in your life seems to magically fall in place <3
A true Deewana is one who can’t stop thinking about his love all day long, who can’t sleep, who can’t eat…You feel like laughing at the strangest times and most likely will do things that you would never have done before! Just for a single glimpse of your lady love, you’ll probably stand for five hours in the scorching sun and it will mean nothing compared to that happiness you get from seeing her.

Being a Deewana makes you do the craziest things..get a tattoo of her name, suddenly become a shayar, write her a song.. all crazzzy stuf! Anything is possible in love and we truly believe that. Are you a Deewana? Tell us about your love.. 

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