Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jessie "My Angel"

Yesterday, I had gone to my beloved Jessie’s house at night. She was standing on the balcony of her house looking peaceful and radiant in the moon light. She had a beautiful glow on her face and with the moonlight reflecting on her face, she seemed like an angel on this earth.

I still cannot believe I am in love with such a precious and beautiful girl. I truly must be the luckiest guy in this world. Her beauty cannot be compared to any other girl….Surely she must be the angel sent only for me. Her smile makes me at my peaceful best. I was so mesmerized with the her radiant beauty that I was struck numb. But then my lovely angel spoke to me. Her voice was so beautiful that it seemed like the heavens had opened up to sing to me. Every day she makes me fall in love with her; all over again.
I can live with this image of Jessie looking down to me, in the radiant moonlight, in my heart for ever.

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