Friday, 27 January 2012

Question for Couple Screening Tickets

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Q.If you have to take Jessie on a date and you’ve got just Rs.250/- What all will you do make the evening memorable? #EkkDeewanaTha


  1. Being in Mumbai, getaways to scenic places are always difficult. So I would take her out to Kelva beach ( the express train ticket for couple is only Rs 32!) would buy a candle and cook homemade favprite food of hers n spend time at the beach with her watching the sunset and enjoying the scenery

  2. Rent out a bicycle n ride on without a route in mind. End the date at a nice small cafe over A Large Cup of coffee n lots of chit chatter.... :)

  3. As Jessie being the Christian, she is not allowed to watch movies. So she must be missing all the fun. Keeping that in my mind, I will invite Jessie to my place,to watch #EkkDeewanaTha `s Telugu version [Yem Maaya Chesaave] and order 1 Avoli Fish fry [small- Rs.100] and 1 Karimeen Fish Fry [medium-150] from Utupura Kerala Restaurant [Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh]. A romantic love story movie, Kerala fish and me. Just to make her realize that she is an ANGEL !!! N then every one will start saying.. Harshavardhan #EkkDeewanaTha !

    ~Harshavardhan [@harshazworld]

  4. I would start a date with fresh red rose. I would pick up her from home. We will leave to some place where there is no one, just we both. I would tell her, how special she is in my life, what make her special, and i will stand besides her no matter whats the situation.
    Now its time for dinner, as I don't have much money, we will eat at road side food like pani puri, bhel, vada pav, pattis etc. any of them. Girls like these foods.
    At the end I will drop her at home. Say good night with hug. Then happily leave to home with sweet memories of the evening.

  5. Raj

    Being in Hyd i'll just take her to a padel boating in hussian sagar it takes a long time to roam around tank bound.,so dat i can spend more time having a broad chit chat vth my jessie

  6. I'll greet Jessie with a red rose that costs Rs 10.
    Being from Kolkata , i'd first take her on a tram ride to esplanade . It'll go past the lush green Maidan , victoria Memorial and the Monument to the heart of the city in Esplanade .a tram ride will be ideal because it'll be a journey minus the rush of the city &we can sit side by side enjoying each others company. The cost will be Rs 10, in heritage carrier of our city.
    From Esplanade , we'll take a Taxi to Princep Ghat , a picturesque location beside the Ganga .this will cost Rs 50. The place is ideal for a quiet getaway with her, as it is not much populated and we can spend quality time beside the Ganga . We'll next visit the riverside Scoop icecream parlour and sit on the first floor window seat to enjoy our double scoop icecreams . This will cost Rs 130.
    As our time runs out,i will drop her at her home and for returning, will choose the Circular Rail , a lesser known train route , that runs beside the river and under two of India's most famous bridges. This will cost Rs 10.
    Before reaching her home, i'll give her a taste of Panipuri(known as fuchka in kolkata) as we will gorge on the Roadside delicacy. This will cost Rs 25.
    After dropping Jessie at her doorstep , i'll return to my home by the remaining Rs 15.

  7. 250rs cant buy Luv..
    mujhe usko date pe leke jaane ke liye paise ki zarurat nahi..
    ek rose kaafi hai pyaar ka izhar karne ke liye..

  8. Take her to a romantic movie on a Tuesday and book 2 gold class tickets ;)- the movie ticket costs Rs 250 in INOX and since it's a Tuesday and i am a Vodafone user, I will get another ticket free ;) ;) and's HISTORY :D

  9. i would take her to the most romantic place the juhu beach.well have the famous pani puri,gola and pav bhajji it will be the most remembered life experience