Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kya Hai Mohabbat

I remember the first time I met Jessie. She was this gorgeous girl… the prettiest face I had ever seen. I kept on looking as she crossed me... struck by this beautiful sight. I felt like I was being pulled by an invisible magnet towards her. As luck would have it… I found out that she lived upstairs in the same house that I had moved to. I had to talk to her… Get to know her…

As days passed I did everything I could to grab her attention. We became friends. I did not leave a single chance of talking to her. Every second I had, I had to spend it with her…. I felt a certain emptiness when she was not around.
Slowly she became my world. She was everything I wanted or needed… I felt like I could not live without this girl in my life. Yeh mere saath kya ho raha tha? Mujhe koi batao… Kya hai Mohabbat?


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  2. so nice line..hurt touching..